Stubborn Pride…

Read: Exodus 10-12
Marked: Exodus 10:3, So Moses and Aaron came in to Pharaoh and said to him, “Thus says the LORD God of the Hebrews: ‘How long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Let My people go, that they may serve Me.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, says James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5. So how do I accept the word of God? Do I accept and obey it, or do I doubt and reject it? Can I trust God.

Has He said and will He not do, or has He spoken and will He not make it good? ~ Numbers 23:19.

Pride only brings destruction but humility brings gain. Obeying Gods word brings gain as can be seen through Pharaoh who hardened his heart against God and brought his people and nation to ruin. Whereas Israel received freedom and the promise of better things to come.

We can harden our hearts and reap the consequences or receive God at His word, and salvation, with the promise of better things to come through Jesus.


Living Differently..

Read: Exodus 7-9
Marked: Exodus 8:23, “I will make a difference between My people and your people. Tomorrow this sign shall be.”

Through the signs God had Moses perform He showed there was a difference between God’s people and the Egyptians.

Is there a difference between me and the world? Am I being changed by the word of God and His Spirit in me?

1 John 2:15-16 says, Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–is not of the Father but is of the world.

We live in the world but we don’t need to live like the world. Jesus says, love your neighbours, love your enemies, do good to those that despise you.

Feed the poor, clothe the naked, visit those in hospital or in prison. Be merciful, give grace, forgive as you’ve been forgiven.

These are but a few ways we can live differently.

Trusting in God…

Read: Exodus 4-6
Marked: Exodus 5:21, And they said to them, “Let the LORD look on you and judge, because you have made us abhorrent in the sight of Pharaoh and in the sight of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to kill us.”

When I do what God asks of me, others may not always receive it and will try to discourage me. Sometimes it may even appear, for a time, that things get worse when I do what God asks.

But that is when I must stay the course and trust in the Lord by faith. He will make a way.

It’s not always easy to do as the Lord asks, but it is always worthwhile. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all yours ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

God Sees…

Read: Exodus 1-3
Marked: Exodus 3:7, And the LORD said: “I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows.

Seen, heard, and know. God is not a god who is distant from His people.

He sees, He knows, and He hears what I am doing and the difficulties I am experiencing.

He is a God who cares for me. I can cast all my care upon Him, for He cares for me. ~ 1 Peter 5:7.

Do you know the love and care of God? You can, simply by trusting Him and taking Him at His word. Listen to Him. Do what He tells you and you’ll soon discover what so many others have, that He loves you with an unconditional love.

The Good in Trials…

Read: Genesis 48-50
Marked: Genesis 50:20, But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

But God meant it for good. What trials have I experienced thinking God was not there with me? Have I considered I might go through difficulties as part of God’s plan?

How I respond in the face of a trial can be a witness for God and for good; for good if I remember that God is always with me and for me regardless of what I may be going through.

Perseverance in the midst of trial can be a powerful witness of the glory of God as I remain as clay in the hands of the Potter.

No Fear…

Read: Genesis 46-47
Marked: Genesis 46:3, So He said, “I am God, the God of your father; do not fear to go down to Egypt, for I will make of you a great nation there.

When I do what the Lord instructs, no matter where I am, the Lord is with me and with Him I find success.

I should never fear to go to places the Lord shows me no matter how far or how strange it may seem to me.

When God asks us to trust Him we can because He promises to never lead us astray. When He asks us to put our faith in Him we can because He is faithful.

He asks us to trust and put our faith in Him when He offers us salvation through His son Jesus.

Those who have, have proven that He is who He says He is, a faithful and trustworthy God. He is worthy of our faith and trust.

What is stopping you from putting complete faith and trust in Him?

Saving Grace…

Read: Genesis 43-45
Marked: Genesis 45:7, And God sent me before you to preserve a posterity for you in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance.

The one they thought was dead was now standing before them, the greatest power in the land, speaking words of comfort.

They had hated him. They had wanted him dead. They had sold him as a slave for 20 pieces of silver. But he gave them grace.

How so like Jesus. Once I hated Him. Once I tried to kill Him by denying Him. Once I sold Him by trading Him for my own pleasures. Thinking Him dead I learned He was alive and is the greatest power Who came to save my life by a great deliverance. Such grace.

How do you feel towards Jesus? In what ways have you denied Him? One day we will all stand before Him, some to grace and some to judgment. Now is the time to choose how you will stand.

The Honest Truth…

Read: Genesis 41-42 Marked: Genesis 42:11, “We are all one man’s sons; we are honest men; your servants are not spies.

Honest men? They had hated their brother. They had plotted to kill him. They sold him into slavery. They had lied to their father.

Proverbs 20:6 says, “Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, But who can find a faithful man?”

I think of myself as honest and just also. But the word of God reveals the truth that is in the heart of everyone of us, myself included. No one is good, no not one.

Ask yourself, who have you hated? Who’s demise have you plotted, if even in thought? Who have you oppressed? How many lies have you told?

All of us, every last one of us, stand guilty before God of these sins, and many more. We deserve a just punishment.

Romans 6:23 tells us the punishment is death. But the good news of Jesus is that God’s gift to us is eternal life if we receive Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and acknowledge our sins. This is what Christians mean when they say you must believe and repent.

And the promise of God is as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name. ~ John 1:12

Please consider your eternal destiny in light of this.

God is With You…

Read: Genesis 38-40
Marked: Genesis 39:21, But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him mercy, and He gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.

The Lord was with Joseph through all that he suffered. God knows my sufferings. He has not abandoned me. No matter what I think, God is with me.

Do you know the God who never leaves you nor forsakes you? He will be with you as He was with Joseph. God is with you right now. But He wants you to be with Him. If you would like to know more, send me a comment. Peace.

Putting Away False Things…

Read: Genesis 35-37
Marked: Genesis 35:2, And Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, “Put away the foreign gods that are among you, purify yourselves, and change your garments.

God told Jacob to return to Bethel, the House of God and meet with Him. So Jacob called for his household to put away all idols, purify themselves, and change their clothes.

Before I meet with God do I think about setting aside false things and purifying myself through confession remembering that through Christ I have exchanged my garment of rags for white robes of righteousness?