The Long-lasting Effects of Sin…

Read: Lamentations 3-5
Marked: Lamentations 5:7, Our fathers sinned and are no more, But we bear their iniquities.

We may think that my sin is my sin and that, generally, it doesn’t affect anyone else. But that’s not true.

Our sin does affect others and, sometimes, in terrible ways. The Bible speaks of sin affecting even to the third generation. Even if I think the consequences of my sin doesn’t impact anyone else, sin always affects my relationship with God.

If my relationship with God is broken it will also affect my relationship with others. Perhaps I won’t love others as God has commanded. Or perhaps I will love them according to my will instead of loving them according to God’s will.


Trial or Triumph…

Read: Lamentations 1-2
Marked: Lamentations 2:17, The LORD has done what He purposed; He has fulfilled His word Which He commanded in days of old. He has thrown down and has not pitied, And He has caused an enemy to rejoice over you; He has exalted the horn of your adversaries.

Life brings both trial and triumph. We rejoice in the triumphs and sorrow through the trials. But if we experience trials due to poor choices or decisions we’ve made do we consider the reasons we did what we did?

Israel had been brought to the edge of destruction. It’s not like they hadn’t been warned. They were specifically told by God the consequences of disobedience if they wandered from the truth and went after false idols and the world.

Really, my instruction in the word is the same. I can either do things God’s way or my way. After many years I am seeing that God’s ways are better by far. Does this mean I will never experience trials? No. But it does mean the trials don’t have to bring me to the edge of destruction.

Instead, I can come to Jesus and learn at His feet how to overcome. Jesus calls all who labour and are heavy laden to come and find rest (Matthew 11:28-30).