Prophetic Music…

Read: 1 Chronicles 24-25
Marked: 1 Chronicles 25:1, Moreover David and the captains of the army separated for the service [some] of the sons of Asaph, of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who [should] prophesy with harps, stringed instruments, and cymbals. And the number of the skilled men performing their service was:

The worship leaders and musicians were chosen by David and the captains of the army to “prophesy” with their instruments.

There is certainly a vast variety of music expressed in the church today. But is all, or any of it prophetic?

Some music is performance based with lyrics that don’t really express the truth of God and can be about anyone or anything if you didn’t know it was Christian.

Other music, however, is rich in Biblical truth and can lead you into the presence of God teaching eternal truths from God’s word that stays with you bringing peace and making worship and praise an expression of our heart to His.


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