A Righteous Life…

Read: Job 29-31
Marked: Job 31:28, This also [would be] an iniquity [deserving of] judgment, For I would have denied God [who is] above.

Job lived a righteous life to bring honour to God. He didn’t despise the cause of his servants (V13), or kept the poor from their desires, or took advantage of widows (V16). He didn’t keep food from the fatherless (V17). He looked after the less fortunate (V19-20) and gave help to the fatherless, treating them fairly in judgment (V21). He placed no confidence in riches or allowed himself too much enjoyment from life (V24-27).

Why? Because doing so meant he would have denied God. Job was a God fearing man who looked after his fellow man. When we treat each other harshly, or take advantage of the disadvantaged, when we make unrighteousness our master, we deny God who said, “Love Me, and love others.


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