Truth Found in Real People…

Read: 1 Chronicles 1-2
Marked: 1 Chronicles 1:1, Adam, Seth, Enosh,

The Chronicles begin with a systematic genealogy of Adam. It strikes me as incredible that there are those in the church today who believe Adam and Eve weren’t real people, but perhaps, represent, or in some way, are merely characters in a story to help us understand God.

Why would He do that? Why would He explain His creative power through myth or representative characters? God, throughout Scripture, tells us His word is true, that He is true and righteous, and that we can trust what He tells us. Why then would He hide the truth in myths and tales instead of simply saying how it was?

If Adam wasn’t a real person named Adam, then are any of his supposed descendants real people? How do I know Seth existed, or Cainan, Mahalalel, or Jared, or any of the other names we find in these chapters? Following such flawed logic to the end why would we believe Jesus existed?

It makes no sense unless what we read in Scripture is the truth. If any part of Scripture isn’t true then we can have no assurance of faith that any of it is true.


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