Jesus is Unique…

Read: Song of Songs 1-8
Marked: Song of Songs 5:9, The Daughters of Jerusalem What [is] your beloved More than [another] beloved, O fairest among women? What [is] your beloved More than [another] beloved, That you so charge us?

A question is asked, “What is your beloved more than another beloved?” It’s a fair question.

Of all the worlds religions and religious figures, Jesus stands unique. Christians don’t point to a system of religious duties for eternal life, but to a person, a man, who, by every indication and record was above all others.

But this can only be discovered for yourself. He must be searched for. He must be discovered and He must be compared to others.

From verse 10 to 16 the Shulamite described her beloved’s attributes and says, “He is chief among ten thousands” (V10). So is Jesus. When you seek Him you will discover this is true.

But don’t take my word for it. Seek Him for yourself with all of your heart.


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