What is Acceptable to God?…

Read: Proverbs 19-21
Marked: Proverbs 21:3, To do righteousness and justice [Is] more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

My relationship with God is important to Him. My time in His Word and in prayer build on having Christ at the centre of my life. It’s what I call the vertical relationship.

But my horizontal relationships with other, believers and non-believers, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is as important to God as my vertical relationship with Him is.

The vertical drives the horizontal. The vertical teaches me to act rightly and walk justly towards others. Religious duty to God is never done at the expense of obedience to His Word. I am to love God and love others (Luke 10:27). I can’t say I love God and hate my neighbour. Heinous acts done in the name of God show that the perpetrator never knew God (1 John 4:20).


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