Time Out…

Read: Hosea 1-7
Marked: Hosea 2:4, “I will not have mercy on her children, For they [are] the children of harlotry.”

In chapter 1 God had the prophet Hosea marry a prostitute with whom he bore three children. But his wife was not faithful to him.

Hosea had two sons and a daughter. The first son was named Jezreel. He then had a daughter and named her Lo-Ruhamah. The third was a son he named Lo-Ammi (C1:4, 6, 9).

Names had meaning. Jezreel means, “God scatters”. Lo-Ruhamah means “No mercy”. And Lo-Ammi means, “Not my people”. God was telling His people that He was going to judge them because they had committed harlotry (unfaithfulness) against Him as Hosea’s wife had done to him.

As a result God would not have mercy on His children. As the names of Hosea’s children suggest God was going to scatter, have no mercy, and would no longer consider them His children.

But God wasn’t done with them. Once they suffered the punishment due them for their unfaithfulness, He would bring them back and once more shower His love on them (2:14-23) and have mercy on her who had not obtained mercy.

The punishment of God can be severe, but it is always intended to bring good to us if we are willing to listen, repent, and turn back to God.


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