Discipleship Matters – Growing Deeper as a Disciple

What is your current vision for maturity? Where do you see yourself in that vision? What are the steps to get there?

Pastor Jones was trying to figure out how to provide a pathway of discipleship in his church. He was frustrated by all the activities, and yet he could not effectively discern where people were in their maturity journeys. The pastor was coached to try to clarify the intended future of his ministry. The coach knew that the pastor wanted “discipleship” but was unclear where the intended future was. The coach shared Matthew 9:36-38 and asked, “What does this passage indicate about the current reality in the work of the kingdom and what was needed? The pastor answered quickly, “The laborers are few.” “If this is the case,” asked the coach, “then what is the intended future?” The pastor replied, “We need more laborers.” The coach asked, “What would that look like?”

The pastor answered that they needed equipped laborers who were mature and knew how to do the work of the ministry of disciple making. The coach asked if the pastor knew how to develop a pathway of maturity in his church. He answered that he did not have that skill. The coach then offered to make a resource available called the “pipeline, pathway, or the funnel.” Let’s look at how to coach this Scripture pathway as the maturing disciple flows from one step to the next. These stages describe the overall movement of a disciple of Jesus toward maturity. There can be several words that describe this process. We will use this illustration as a jumping off point.
Let’s study this illustration and then I will ask some coaching questions.

“The harvest is plentiful. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out laborers into the harvest.”

Let’s look at this illustration and Scripture.

1. What is God’s goal for maturity? Colossians 1:28,29; Romans 8:29.
2. What Bible verses have you studied that speak to this maturity pathway?
3. From this illustration what are the stages of maturity? What verses stand out to you?
4. What Scriptures are in you ministry tool box to assist someone in the maturity journey?
5. How does this illustration help you?
6. What are the personal implications of your own maturity and where do you want to go

7. What other steps can you take to learn how to implement this pathway and then, with your team, develop this pathway?
8. What other books or tools can you read and study on this subject? (Ways of an Alongsider)
9. When would you like to get started on this project?
10. What can I do to aid you in understanding this process?

For further information check out: https://coachthebible.com


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