Wicked Deeds…

Read: Judges 19-21
Marked: Judges 20:3, (Now the children of Benjamin heard that the children of Israel had gone up to Mizpah.) Then the children of Israel said, “Tell [us,] how did this wicked deed happen?”

A terrible thing has happened in Israel and the people are rightly angry. But how culpable were they? Did they know about the immorality that was happening in Benjamin, but didn’t deal with it until now?

I see in these chapters man attempting moral justification without actually admitting to sin. There was sexual immorality permitted, rape, murder, inhospitality culminating in the butchering of an innocent woman.

Instead of acknowledging their own inaction Israel attempted to resolve these societal wrongs in carnal ways and in the process almost annihilating a tribe of the nation of Israel.

In Romans 1:28-32 we see men doing things which are not fitting. Terrible things that should rightly be stopped. But worse than those who do such things is the condemnation on those who approve of those who practice them.