Ministry of Music…

Read: 1 Chronicles 6
Marked: 1 Chronicles 6:31-32, Now these are the men whom David appointed over the service of song in the house of the LORD, after the ark came to rest. They were ministering with music before the dwelling place of the tabernacle of meeting, until Solomon had built the house of the LORD in Jerusalem, and they served in their office according to their order.

Music can emotionally affect us to our deepest core. Certain songs remind us of people, places, and events. I find it interesting that music played an important role in God’s revelation and relationship in the temple.

Verse 32 specifically says those appointed over the service of song ministered with music. Music, like all ministry in the church, points us to God enabling us to enter into worship and praise of our Father.

In Revelation chapter 4:8, John the apostle is carried by the spirit into the presence of God and we see the creatures before the throne of God singing day and night, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come.

Again, in Revelation chapter 5:9 they sing a new song, the song of the scroll. And again in verse 13 every creature joins in the singing; a great heavenly choir joining their voices in praise of the One who sits on the throne.


One thought on “Ministry of Music…

  1. Amen! I personally believe that the purpose of music is to praise and worship the Lord with song. I feel like all other music made is just vain because there is no reason as to why a song should be made if it’s not to worship God. Like, I am a musician. I am a good musician. And I know the feeling that music, including secular music, gives. and like the feeling is empty because at the end of the day, the good feeling leaves your side and you want something more. Well, that’s why I choose to write songs for God. I make music for God because that is the purpose of music, to uplift the Lord.


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