Grieving God…

Read: Job 35-37
Marked: Job 35:6-7, If you sin, what do you accomplish against Him? Or, if your transgressions are multiplied, what do you do to Him? If you are righteous, what do you give Him? Or what does He receive from your hand?

Elihu seems to suggest that what we do does not affect God, good or bad, because He is higher than us. But is that true?

There are a number of verses, such as Genesis 6:6 that tells us God is grieved in His heart by the sin of man. And Isaiah 63:10 says our rebellion grieves His Holy Spirit.

Even if somehow God was beyond our pettiness our sins still affect us and those around us. If we obeyed even one of the Ten Commandments consistently life on earth, for us and all mankind, would be vastly different.