Are You Holy?…

Read: Leviticus 19-21
Marked: Leviticus 20:26, And you shall be holy to Me, for I the LORD am holy, and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.

God has separated Christians from the world by the blood of Jesus to be holy (separated) to Him.

This theme is repeated several times in chapters 19 – 21. Holiness is not popular today, even among Christians. It is seen as legalistic rather than as godly.


Freedom from Sin…

Read: Leviticus 16-18
Marked: Leviticus 16:11, And Aaron shall bring the bull of the sin offering, which is for himself, and make atonement for himself and for his house, and shall kill the bull as the sin offering which is for himself.

Before Aaron could minister before the Lord on behalf of the people, he first had to be consecrated from his own sin and be made clean.

No matter what I do or how often I do something good, I can’t atone for my sin. I can’t do enough good things or perform a ritual that makes me clean before God.

It is only through the blood of Jesus that my sins are atoned for. Only through faith in Christ will I be justified. For only Christ is the unblemished, sinless Lamb of God.

Born Again…

Read: Leviticus 14-15
Marked: Leviticus 14:1-9, Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “This shall be the law of the leper for the day of his cleansing: He shall be brought to the priest. And the priest shall go out of the camp, and the priest shall examine him; and indeed, if the leprosy is healed in the leper, then the priest shall command to take for him who is to be cleansed two living and clean birds, cedar wood, scarlet, and hyssop. And the priest shall command that one of the birds be killed in an earthen vessel over running water. As for the living bird, he shall take it, the cedar wood and the scarlet and the hyssop, and dip them and the living bird in the blood of the bird that was killed over the running water. And he shall sprinkle it seven times on him who is to be cleansed from the leprosy, and shall pronounce him clean, and shall let the living bird loose in the open field. He who is to be cleansed shall wash his clothes, shave off all his hair, and wash himself in water, that he may be clean. After that he shall come into the camp, and shall stay outside his tent seven days. But on the seventh day he shall shave all the hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows–all his hair he shall shave off. He shall wash his clothes and wash his body in water, and he shall be clean.

The sacrificial bird was killed in an earthen vessel under running water and its blood applied to the living bird, the cedar wood, the scarlet, and the hysop, V5 and 6.

This is such a wonderful picture of Christ the King (represented by the royal colour scarlet) who, though God, became a man (earthen vessel), and died shedding His blood for me, a sinner, though He Himself was sinless (clean, running water).

All these symbols pointed to the reality of the crucifixion of Jesus (blood, water, cedar [cross], and hysop) when He died.

When Jesus was speared, water and blood flowed from His body. His blood cleanses the sinner and set them free from sin and death, V8, and the sinner is born again (shaving of body hair), V8 and 9.

Unclean and Clean…

Read: Leviticus 11-13
Marked: Leviticus 11:47, ‘distinguish between the unclean and the clean, and between the animal that may be eaten and the animal that may not be eaten.’

This law was intended to teach Israel how to distinguish between the unclean and clean.

The Word of God teaches me to recognize those things, acts, or actions which make me unclean or clean, unrighteous or righteous, in the eyes of God.

It is not intended to lay a guilt trip on me, but to teach me how to live a healthy, happy, and righteous life.

The Blood of Righteousness…

Read: Leviticus 8-10
Marked: Leviticus 8:23, and Moses killed it. Also he took some of its blood and put it on the tip of Aaron’s right ear, on the thumb of his right hand, and on the big toe of his right foot.

The Bible, God’s word, says the life of the flesh is in the blood. The life of the sacrifice was applied to Aaron.

What a wonderful picture of the blood of Jesus applied to me to live for Him. His blood, as the perfect sacrifice, applied to my right ear, right thumb, and right toe suggesting I am to imitate Christ.

I am to hear rightly with my ears. Work righteously with my hands. And walk in humbly submission to God.

Forgiveness for All…

Read: Leviticus 5-7
Marked: Leviticus 5:11, But if he is not able to bring two turtledoves or two young pigeons, then he who sinned shall bring for his offering one-tenth of an ephah of fine flour as a sin offering. He shall put no oil on it, nor shall he put frankincense on it, for it is a sin offering.

Forgiveness is available to all no matter position or status. Even the poorest of the poor find forgiveness of sin by bringing fine flour as an offering.

I am reminded of the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:3, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus paid the price He did not owe, I owed the price I could not pay.

Taking Responsibility…

Read: Leviticus 1-4
Marked: Leviticus 4:4, He shall bring the bull to the door of the tabernacle of meeting before the LORD, lay his hand on the bull’s head, and kill the bull before the LORD.

Regarding personal sin, the one making the sacrifice had to lay his hand on the head of the animal and then kill it.

The blood was then sprinkled seven times before the Lord, at the veil of the sanctuary, and applied to the altar of incense before it was poured out at the base of the altar of the burnt offering.

Four things are presented here:

  1. Laying on of the hand: I must take responsibility for my sins.
  2. Blood before the veil: my sin separates me from God.
  3. Blood on the altar of incense: my sin affects my prayer life.
  4. Blood on the altar: my sin must be atoned for in blood.

Seeking God…

Read: Exodus 39-40
Marked: Exodus 40:38, For the cloud of the LORD was above the tabernacle by day, and fire was over it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel, throughout all their journeys.

The presence of God was visible day and night to the children of Israel.

Since I began seeking the Lord in His Word and in prayer, I have felt the unmistakable presence of God over me and in me every day.

God says, “Seek Me and you will find me.” Are we actively seeking God as He has revealed Himself?

How to get Wisdom…

Read: Exodus 36-38
Marked: Exodus 36:2, Then Moses called Bezalel and Aholiab, and every gifted artisan in whose heart the LORD had put wisdom, everyone whose heart was stirred, to come and do the work.

The Lord put wisdom in the heart of Bezalel and Aholiab. The Lord, in His word, reveals what true wisdom is and how I can get it.

I need wisdom to know what it is the Lord would have me do. It is something I can ask God for. He is the God of all wisdom.

Don’t Hold Back…

Read: Exodus 33-35
Marked: Exodus 35:5, Take from among you an offering to the LORD. Whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as an offering to the LORD: gold, silver, and bronze.

Whatever offering I bring to the Lord must come from a willing heart. Romans 12:1 says I am to offer myself a living sacrifice. It’s a matter of my will.

Do I really want to give up the things, sins, attitudes, selfishness, which keep me from God’s blessing? Isn’t my body, my will, a more acceptable sacrifice than gold or silver?