What Do We Know?…

Read: Job 38-39
Marked: Job 38:21, Do you know [it,] because you were born then, Or [because] the number of your days [is] great?

God questions Job in this chapter and reveals His power and majesty, and at the same time shows how little we know.

Throughout man’s history great strides have been made in the pursuit of knowledge. We look at the past one hundred years and see man has learned to fly, overcome diseases, and land on the moon.

But for every discovery, even with the increase of knowledge, there is more yet undiscovered and unknown.

We can only speculate on some things because we weren’t there when they were created by God. Our days are not so great that we have realized the sum of all that can be known.

The number of our days are few, but God is eternal. With Him is all knowledge, and all understanding. It is arrogant to think we know more than God, or understand His ways.